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  For a limited time only, DS-5 Development Studio Altera Edition customers can get $1,000 or €800 off DSTREAM, the advanced debug and trace unit from ARM.*  
  DS-5 Ultimate Edition now supports the Cortex-A72, ARM’s highest performance and most advanced processor. DS-5 continues to be the leader in early IP support, helping you to get 64-bit devices and software to market quicker.  
  MDK for STMicroelectronics STM32F0 and STM32L0
Installation & Activation
  Keil MDK-ARM for STM32F0 and STM32L0 provides software developers working with STM32 devices based on the ARM Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M0+ cores with a free-to-use professional tool suite.  
  ARM Microcontroller Design Contest in cooperation with Elektor  
  Technology entrepreneurs can now compete for a $10,000 prize fund in a contest to create a smart domestic or industrial device based on an ARM Cortex-M processor. The competition will run from March to June 2015 and will showcase just how quickly products can be designed by utilizing ARM CMSIS software components and middleware.  
  emSecure is a SEGGER software package that allows creation and verification of digital signatures.  
  Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite v5.2.2 is released!  
  The free Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite version has now been released in v5.2.2, bringing it up to the same target support and technology platform level as the commercial Pro version.

With the new version, Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite supports some 2500 ARM Cortex devices and over 150 evaluation boards! Being the perfect tool for students and hobbyists, Atollic TrueSTUDIO Lite provides a high-quality and commercially polished Eclipse and GNU-based IDE free of charge
  The TruePERSPECTIVES blog discusses topics relevant to embedded developers and their managers: best practices for embedded development, industry observations, and tips and techniques for using Atollic TrueSTUDIO development tools, ARM Cortex-M development, and more.




  Altium announces TASKING C compiler for the next generation BOSCH GTM-IP MCS  
  New compiler will complement TASKING tool suites for AURIX, RH850 and Power Architecture  
  The GTM IP module forms a generic timer platform for complex applications in the automotive industry like power train, power steering, chassis and transmission control.





  Altium announces new release of the TASKING C compiler for Renesas RH850  
  Altium recognized a strong interest from its automotive customers to support the high performance Renesas RH850 microcontroller family through its robust and efficient TASKING VX compiler technology.  

at ICTIEE – Bangalore 2015
  Our partners, Intel Software participated as Exhibitors, in the 2nd International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education – ICTIEE Bangalore 2015 (, from January 5-8, 2015. The conference was hosted and co-organized by BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore along with the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (  
  “Atollic® TrueSTUDIO® v5.2 is released, adding supreme integration with Freescale's Processor Expert software and improved target support!”


  ARM DSTREAM High Speed Serial Trace Probe  

To enable the capture of multiple lanes of high speed serial trace, ARM® has created the HSSTP trace probe.
  Electro Systems Associates (ESA), a leading provider of embedded development tools in India, is pleased to announce its partnership with SANBlaze Technology, Inc. ESA will be SANBlaze's channel partner in India focusing on the huge market opportunity in the rapidly growing SAN and Storage segments. ESA will engage closely with Indian customers to provide immediate help and timely support in all aspects of sales and technical support.  
  Embedded System Solutions (ESS) is proud to announce the partnership with TQ Group.

The TQ-Group is a leading Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Service Provider and supplier of Embedded Modules and Industrial PC.

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  Get ready for the latest in the family of Intel® Software Development products that support new processor architecture and shape the future of computing.  
  Intel Software Conference 2015  
  Date: 9th March, 2015, Bangalore

Date: 11th March, 2015, Pune

Date: 13th March, 2015, Mumbai
  Our partners are exhibitors at the  
Second International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education
ICTIEE – Bangalore 2015
5-8 Jan 2015 at BMSCE, Bangalore

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