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Multi-Core Multi-Architecture

  • Automotive Development Platform
    • AURIX 2G TC3xx, AURIX TC2xx and TriCore TC1xx
    • STMicroelectronics SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58xPower
    • NXP Qorivva MPC56xx, MPC57xx, MPC58xx
    • RH850
    • GTM/MCS (C compiler supports GTM/MCS v3 and v4
    core level)
  • Advanced Multi-Core C/C++ Compiler with Multi-Architecture Support
  • Leading Compiler Optimization Technology
  • Industry Shortest (Compile-Link)
    Build Times
  • HSM Compiler and GTM Assembler
  • PXROS-HR SIL-3 Certified Micro
    Kernel RTOS
  • Toolkit Qualification ISO26262 ASIL D,IEC 61508 SIL4,EN 50128 SIL4
  • AUTOSAR MCAL Driver Support
    (including sales and on-site training)
  • 3rd Party Debugger Support
    (Lauterbach Trace32)
  • Commercial Standard and Math
    Libraries (no open source, no viral
    GPL implication)
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