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PICPLC16™ v6

PICPLC16™ v6

PICPLC16 v6 is a PLC system with 16 opto-inputs and 16 relays (for currents up to 16A). With it, you can develop PIC-based industrial, home or office automation devices the easy way—PICPLC16 has all the MikroElektronika features you’re familiar with: onboard programmer and mikroICD debugger, clear silkscreen markings, and many onboard modules.


PICPLC16™ v6


Relays and optocouplers


Develop complex industrial, home or office control systems with 16 optocouplers and 16 relays that allow you to connect the MCU to high-powered external industrial (but also home or office) devices.


Debugger on board


Powerful on-board USB 2.0 programmer and mikroICD hardware debugger for programming and debugging.


Telecommunication capabilities - Supports GSM


Easily incorporate GSM functionality, including audio communication, into your PLC system. The board features a connector for adding a GSM module via our GSM booster card.


Versatile PLC system - Numerous modules

PICPLC16 v6 packs a lot of modules further increasing the connectivity and versatility of the board: RS232, RS485 Real time clock, Serial Ethernet, and a whole lot of ports and switches.

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