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Leading provider of hardware, software, and services for automotive and industrial communication with emphasis on the field buses CAN & LIN.
  • Can FD Connections for High-speed USB 2.0, PCI
    Express, PCI Express Mini, and M.2
  • Can/LIN interfaces for conventional PC Interfaces and Embedded Applications
  • I/O mModules with CAN Connection for Control,
    Measured Data Recording, and Processing
  • Converters for Different Physical Transmission Types
    (bus converter modules)
  • Routers and Gateways for the forwarding of messages
    between CAN buses and other Networks
  • Data Loggers and Diagnostic Hardware
  • Products for Education, Demonstrations, & Test Setups
  • Chip Solutions for the CAN and CAN FD Connection to
    USB and PCI Express
  • CAN Development Systems for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, CE 6.x and for Linux
  • Programming Interfaces for Various Protocols and Standards
  • Software to Monitor and Diagnose CAN and LIN Busses
  • Programs for Recording, Playback, and Simulation of Message Traffic
  • Configuration Software for CAN Hardware from PEAK-System


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