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Comprehensive Test Bench For Automotive Testing

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  TOELLNER offers flexible solutions for on-board network simulation and testing of components, e.g. for the automotive and avionics industries. The Software WaveControl provides waveforms and
controls the TOELLNER system components at the test station, which can be individually tailored to your requirements. Using a DAQ-Card, any signal waveform can be provided with Arbitrary Power
Supplies or 4-Quadrant Amplifiers with outputs from 160 W to 5200 W. For fast interruptions,
TOELLNER offers electronic switches with switching times below 500 ns.

WaveControl Software includes a comprehensive library of waveforms supporting these standardized automotive industry tests:
  The Software WaveControl provides
  • Extensive Waveform Libraries for Normative Tests, e.g.
    - LV 124, LV 148
    - VDA 320
    - VW 80000-1
    - VW 82148
    - GMW 3172
    - MBN 10615
    - ISO 16750-2
    - BMW GS 95024-2-1
    - BMW GS 95026
  • Import & Export of recorded Data
  • Visual Generation of individual Waveforms
  • Sequence Controlling and Timing
  • Electronic Switch for short interruptions up to 60V / 100A; tr / tf < 500 ns
  • 4-Quadrant-Power-Supply up to 100 V / 40A; > 100 kHz, 320W / 1kW, modularly
    expandable up to 6,4 kW / 20 kW
  • Arbitrary Power Supply up to 100 V / 320 A, AC-superimposition up to 70 kHz, 320 W /
    1 kW up to 5.2 kW / 16 kW
  • Software to create arbitrary waveforms, an extensive library of normative waveforms
  • All instruments can also be used individually
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